Always with the wish of people. The temple which is surrounded by Dewa Sanzan

The very large precincts of a beautiful crowd of temple Tsuruoka surrounded by Dewa Sanzan and 60,000 natural rich tsubos including the pond. The temple buildings Buddhist monastery of 30 big things and small things including the registration tangible cultural property of the country shows faith and the history of people calmly.

It is the prayer temple which continued saying grace while worshiping dragon King to a guardian deity from ancient times, and snuggling up to the wish of people.

A prayer-meeting

I entrust prayer with a wish

Everybody has a wish towards a heart and lives. A big wish, a small wish.

But it becomes the deep attachment when I hold on to a wish and bothers you.

It is letting alone of with the prayer namely the deep attachment and entrusts mind and body to the gods and Buddha and is to entrust you.

From a wish to prayer

And the prayer flutters and lights up oneself as an oath back.

The oath namely determination.

It is power to live for without question.

It is a prayer every day throughout the year

・ My family security: So that all the families can live safely

・ Physical staunchness: So that a body is healthy

・ Business prosperity: So that business propers more and more

・ Marine security: Do not be in an accident on the sea

Prayer time

・05:30 dynasty prayer

・08:00 prayer

・10:00 prayer

・12:00 prayer

・14:00 prayer

・16:00 prayer

The time required of the prayer is - around 30 minutes for approximately 20 minutes.

・Staying prayer

I stay at the temple and can receive a first thing in the morning prayer. Dinner, breakfast, prayer with marked price.

※The prayer by the at anchor becomes the reservation required.

From season to season

Ancestors memorial service

I accept the acceptance than (work of the morning) after mattins at any time until 4:00 p.m. I write a posthumous Buddhist name or the name on the hanging scroll and do reading aloud and hold a service. I heard the memorial service of the important pet which has been loved like a family.

Posture of contemplation society

The second gathering Saturday of the Zen

I can make Zen meditation in conformity with manners same as the ascetic practices of the Zen priest in a posture of contemplation temple. In the first, a Buddhist priest of the charge instructs manners of the Zen. Come to the reception desk until half past 6 p.m. End time is about 9:00 p.m.

The fourth gathering Saturday of the Zen

The first one can participate, too. I tell the one that is a way, lameness not to strain about the method using the chair carefully. I fix zaso while doing simple stretch. Is over; and is a breath by tea relievedly. It is from 6:00 p.m. to half past 7.

Sealed letter issued GO-SYUIN

A total receptionist has a sealed letter issued by a shogun place on the right hand of main temple.

As "a mark of the worship ," accept it.

At time to write it in the sealed letter issued by a shogun book directly, and to do it, it becomes until 4:00 p.m. from 8:00 a.m.

Annual schedule

January New Year's Day - 15th: New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine size prayer February 3: Traditional end of winter prayer, bean-scattering ceremony February 4: Beginning of spring water-drawing ceremony type, beginning of spring size prayer February 15: Anniversary of the death of Buddha

From 18 to 21 on April: King Ryu scheme spring big festival April 18: Flower Festival, callithump, Buddha July 8: Hannya August 14: ranbon September 18: Peace Kannon big festival August 29: Both anniversaries of a founder's death

October 5: Memorial service for Dharma

October 24: Wonders holy priest open basis festival from 3 to 5 on November: King Ryu scheme Akita University festival from 1 to 7 on December: sessin December 8: seidou

Sunday third in December: Examination pass Rogation Days December 25: Soot payment

December 27: Bonfire of old paper charms festival December 29: Rice cake making

A rice granary, seafood, a hot-spring village. Sightseeing spot Shonai of a lot of rich nature


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A building is old, and there is the value of seeing. I can feel a Japanese wooden building and splendor of the processing technique. (Suzuki Y)

It is the temple which it is maintained neatly, and is splendid. I became going to like to ask dragon King in various ways. (Ikeda K)

This dorter was awakened to the truth with such a thing with the hospitality by waiting on customers not to be able to compare with an inn and the hotel of the there and thereabouts. (Ayako)

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sekine 100, shimokawa, tsuruoka, yamagata 997-1117

phone 0235-33-3303

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